About Us

Ella Harding Swimwear is the creation of two adventurous individuals who love to travel the world and enjoy the beauty around us.  We love the beach, swimwears and photography.

We are based in southern California and have personalized our marketing and customer operations with the goal to provide you the best possible online shopping experience. 

Our swimwear is appealing to those who want to look their best during their adventures. Bold, dazzling and eye-catching, designed with love and thought. We use materials, colors and textures that show a mix of modern fashion and charm to provide exceptional comfort to complement a modern lifestyle.


Our Team

We have a team of hardworking, dedicated and creative individuals from the sunny California, Hawaii and the Southeast Asia. 

Our goal is to provide our clients the most comfortable and stylish collections that they can wear on their next adventure. We strive to offer you a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience in our store.