Brand Ambassador

We are constantly contacted by customers who tell us they want to show their Ella Harding items.
For more details:
DM us: Instagram @ellahardingswim
Email us:


 Ambassador Program FAQ:

1.) Can anyone be an ambassador?
Yes, but we have certain requirements, so not all individuals who are interested will qualify. 
2.) Will ambassadors receive free Ella Harding products?
Yes, if you meet our criteria
3.) I received a DM or email from someone offering me to become an ambassador, how do I know it 's legitimate?
We DM or email individuals that we like to collaborate with via instagram or from our official email account.
Please DO NOT share any personal or sensitive information to anyone unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure it is us.
BEWARE of scammers or pretenders soliciting for personal information. Contact us if you are not sure.
4.) How do I know if its from Ella Harding Swimwear?
DM us directly on instagram or send us an email: